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Autograph Collecting - How To Do Autograph Collecting While Taking A Cruise
Autograph Collecting - autograph collecting articles
Autograph Collecting - autograph collecting articles

How To Do Autograph Collecting While Taking A Cruise

How to do Autograph Collecting While Taking a Cruise

Have you ever been on a trip and wished you had brought your camera? Well donít get caught being unprepared to do autograph collecting. When you take a cruise, there are many opportunities for you to do autograph collecting. Cruises expose you to a diverse population of people who live in a diverse and beautiful world.

And believe it or not you have a chance to live with, talk to these people, and become a part of this diversity for the number of days you are cruising. Most of these people you have never seen and will never see again so why not bring them home with you by autograph collecting. This environment provides an opportunity for autograph collecting at an unusual level. Most collectors never get a chance to do this kind of autograph collecting because of the expense involved. On the ship you will find people of all nationalities, on all socioeconomic levels, various occupations, and educational levels. You never know when you are in the presence of someone who will be famous in future years. People take these cruises to have fun and as a vacation. Nevertheless, many are honored that you want their autograph and will give it to you willingly. If you are an autograph collecting enthusiastic, you will seek out diversity and when you get back to your cabin take the time to make notations about these signatures so you will be able to identify with them.

While on the ship make sure you get signatures from as many of the officers and staff members as possible. During the food presentations try to get not only pictures of the food, but also but include the chefs and collect their autograph. During the nightly shows, your investment of time may pay off handsomely if you can collect autographs from some of the performers. There is a real chance that this kind of autograph collecting may pay off in a big way.

If you sign up for some of the tours on your cruise itinerary, you have the opportunity for even more interesting autograph collecting. When you go out into these villages and communities you will be greeted with unbelievable finds. Autograph collecting is a great way to document many of these experiences. As you progress along with your collecting you will have many opportunities to share these treasured moments with others. There is a lot of history stored in these areas. Autograph collecting is one form of history that can be passed on from generation to generation. Much of our history has been gotten from someone who took the time to document in writing various events of the time.

You may even want to take pictures of certain areas and get some autographs from people in the area. An example would be to take a picture of a church in Panama and the ministerís picture get the signature of the minister as a part of your documentation. When you take the time to organize your finds, include the signature with the pictures together. What a great way to generate some unusual things while autograph collecting and have a great unforgettable cruise also.

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