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Autograph Collecting - autograph collecting articles

Who Has Done Autograph Collecting

Who Has Done Autograph Collecting?

Autograph collecting is a pastime enjoyed by all generations, nationalities, races, ages, and socioeconomic groups. It is a fascination that will not go away when you have success getting those hard to get autographs. While Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president, he often sort relief from the task of being president by turning to his autograph collecting. Let us not forget there were many people who wanted his autograph. For President Roosevelt, it was a great moment in time and he found autograph collecting a great way to record some of his history and the history of the times.

Today the autographs he collected and his autograph are priceless treasures that will always be in the history books and archives across the nation. It is a delight for you to own a memento of an admired individual. That is one reason so many individuals spend time autograph collecting. The fewer original autographs of an individual that is circulating, the more valuable the personís autograph becomes. Autograph collecting is also an expression of your interest and your personality in general. Some of President Rooseveltís autograph collecting was signed letters. A hand - written letter has the most value, especially today. It was in the year of 1834 that President James Madison requested an autograph from Princess Victoria to enhance his autograph collecting. Of course, this may have been done by mail.

Nevertheless Princess Victoria, the future British Queen, was only 15 years old at the time of this request. J. P. Morgan, Sr. a well known financier began autograph collecting at the age of 16. After he was grown and married with had a son, his son continued in his fatherís footsteps by autograph collecting and adding to his fatherís collection. Autograph collecting found favor in the Kennedy family also. One of the mayors of Boston had a daughter named Rose Fitzgerald who enjoyed autograph collecting. You no doubt recognize the name as being President John F. Kennedyís mother. President Kennedy also enjoyed autograph collecting. There are many well known people who enjoy autograph collecting. These are the same people from which everyday people, who are autograph collecting, seek autographs. Some of the other well known people who have done autograph collecting are Glenn Ford, William Randolph Hearst, Malcolm Forbes, and Ray Bradbury.

As you can see, autograph collecting is a hobby that is enjoyed by all. For many years, this hobby has been enjoyed by Kings and Queens, Presidents and Heads of State, well known politicians, movie stars, sports people, and the everyday citizen. It is a hobby that brings to the forefront interests in other people and what they do. Autograph collecting may be more popular today because there is more time for autograph collecting. In the early days, everything was done by hand, all the farm work, the housework, yard work and everything else. Now you have a whole lot more leisure time and there are more opportunities for you to do autograph collecting. If you would like to become a curator of history, autograph collecting will lead you in the right direction.

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