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Autograph Collecting - How To Do Autograph Collecting In Small Town America
Autograph Collecting - autograph collecting articles
Autograph Collecting - autograph collecting articles

How To Do Autograph Collecting In Small Town America

How to do Autograph Collecting In Small Town America

Small town America has always been known for a Main Street. It means just what the name says too. This is the main street in this community or it was in years passed. There are certain businesses that populate this street.

You always have a drug store of some sorts, a variety store, a post office, a grocery store and usually one church. This is also the block or street where people from the community meet and greet each other. As you know autograph collecting is not just about movie stars, sports heroes, military figures, politicians, and other famous people.

Autograph collecting is done with the not so famous. It depends on where you are, and the goals you have for your autograph collecting. Some collectors find it a challenge to get as many autograph from people in the community as possible. The hometown drug store will have plenty of supplies for autograph collecting. On Main Street usually in these small communities people congregate almost every weekend. It is the local hangout and a perfect time to do autograph collecting. Where there are only about two hundred to a thousand people, over a period of time a large number of those people can be a part of your autograph collecting. The homey atmosphere makes it easy for you to get autographs. There are a limited number of politicians, and other standout people in these small mostly rural communities.

But wait you may have your best chance in a small community to do autograph collecting with some very important people, such as politicians. This is especially true during the election year when politicians are campaigning. Every four years you have an opportunity to take your autograph collecting to another level. Politicians are prone to cover as many small communities as possible to get out the vote. Letís face it a large number of small town rural America come out and vote. Politicians are looking for every vote they can get. So here is your opportunity to get some autographs that may prove to be a very valuable investment of time in years to come. Have you thought about what you would have now if you had been able to get John F Kennedyís autograph from him when he was running for president? You would have a real valuable autograph today. Even though you are collecting in small town American, it does not mean you will not get some big time autographs.

Autograph collecting in these small communities, affords you more of an opportunity to get close to a person to get the autograph. When you go to these political whistle stops be prepared, because it never fails, people come out of the wood work on these special and rare occasions. Remember there are others who are autograph collecting too. By all means bring several pens for autograph collecting. For some reason, pens tend to stick to your fingers and someone make just walk off with one of your pens. Therefore it will not hurt to have several pens with you.

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