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Autograph Collecting - How To Reach The Stars When You Are Autograph Collecting
Autograph Collecting - autograph collecting articles
Autograph Collecting - autograph collecting articles

How To Reach The Stars When You Are Autograph Collecting

How To Reach the Stars When You Are Autograph Collecting

Getting an autograph from one of your favorite personalities is not as easy sometimes as it may seem. Did you know that there are some celebrities who keep a record of who they send autographs to? But on the other hand some people who are autograph collecting have paid for autographs from the individuals. We know that an autograph collecting dealer will charge, but we are talking about the celebrity charging. Charging for signatures is believed to have started with sports memorabilia shows. Nevertheless, autograph collecting can be done without some of these encounters.

Autograph collecting is done in many forms. It may be necessary for you to use a variety of ways to collect the autographs you have in mind. You may find a valuable letter written by a celebrity. Letís say you find a letter written by Marilyn Monroe. Is that valuable? Indeed it is. A signature of Marilyn Monroe is just as popular now as it was when she was living. Remember when you are autograph collecting that the length of time a person lived as well as a personís popularity will have a lot to do with reaching them via way of an autograph.

The short life of Marilyn Monroe makes it almost impossible to get an original autograph of her. When you are autograph collecting remember that the longer a person lives, the more real autographs available. A good example today is trying to collect an autograph of Anna Nicole Smith. An autograph or writing by her may be worth more than some other celebrity who has been around for a long time. Because of her short life, autographs or any writing by her are hard to come by. If you are trying to reach a star, the best way to do that is to take your autograph collecting to an event where the star is performing. A part of the starís schedule after the event, may include some autograph collecting time. Before and after many events, such as plays, movies, and some sporting events stars hold autograph sessions.

You are able to meet and greet with the stars. Celebrities - from movie stars to politicians, sports figures, and musicians are busy people, so when these windows of opportunity are available, if at all possible drop what you are doing and attend these functions. If you do you are almost certain to get a real autograph. Keep in mine that autograph collecting can be very rewarding in future days and years to come because real autographs are worth a lot. Autograph collecting from someone like Tiger Woods may involve more expense than anticipated.

You can at least be in the area, if you donít see the game of golf he plays. Autograph collecting involves taking a lot of chances and moving by faith to get those choice autographs. There is something else to keep in mind and that is getting an autograph from someone especially a celebrity is a privilege. So look out for those chances to reach these people in person if you are interested in autograph collecting. Be thankful when you can reach these people and get a free autograph.

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